Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual test results

Tabulation - Instructions:
1. Put your response (1-3)to each test question in the blank next to the appropriate number on the chart below.

2. Add up the numbers going across the blanks and record them in the box under "TOTAL."
1____ 9____ 17____ 25____ 33____ = A
2____ 10____ 18____ 26___ 34____ = B
3____ 11____ 19____ 27____ 35____ = C
4____ 12____ 20____ 28____ 36____ = D
5____ 13____ 21____ 29____ 37____ = E
6____ 14____ 22____ 30____ 38____ = F
7____ 15____ 23____ 31____ 39____ = G
8____ 16____ 24____ 32____ 40____ = H


GIFT A: HELPING. The ability to assist and serve other people.

GIFT B: ENCOURAGING. The ability to support people and help them regain hope.

GIFT C: GIVING. The ability to give your time and money so that it can be used for God's work.

GIFT D: MERCY. The ability to act compassionately toward those who are suffering.

GIFT E: HOSPALITY. The gift of being friendly and generous to guests.

GIFT F: LEADING. The ability to motivate others to use their spiritual gifts and to do their best for the work of the Lord.

GIFT G: EVANGELISM. The ability to help others come to know Jesus personally.

GIFT H: FAITH. The ability to have a confident belief that God will always do what is the very best.


Determine your demonstrated probable gift(s) as follows:
If the score in the "TOTAL" section is

10-15: There is evidence that God has blessed you with this gift.

7-10: There is a good possibility that God could be developing this gift in you.

3-6: You are probrably not spiritually gifted in this area. There are other areas that God will use you in.

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