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Make It Clear Ministries Donation Page

Has God put it on your heart to give to a soul winning ministry?

If you want to give to an organization who's sole purpose is to try to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ, pray about it and see if God would have you to support us. 100% of all of the money that we receive from donations go directly to the ministry. No one on our staff receives a salary or any compensation for what we do for the ministry. If we receive a $50 donation, all $50 goes to the ministry. Our staff pay for the day to day expenses because we believe very strongly in this ministry. We don't have a big building and a lot of expenses to pay for. We have tried to keep it simple and low cost so that we can concentrate on the Soul Winning portion of the ministry rather than having to worry about our next fund raiser. There are no administrative costs with Make it Clear Ministries.

You can now make a donation to Make it Clear on line by way of Paypal.
Just click on the donation link.

You can pay by using any major credit card.

Please make checks or money orders payable to:
Make It Clear Ministries
5823 HWY 4 West
Baker, FL 32531

You can give any amount to our ministry. No amount is too big or too small.
If you are making donations on a regular basis, we can send you a reciept at the end of the year.
We have tee shirts, hats, moucepads, and other items which we hope to offer to everyone soon for a donation.
Keep your eye on this page for further details.

Where do your donations go?

-Your donations are used to buy tracts. Make It Clear Ministries knows the improtance of bringing those who do not know Jesus Christ to salvation. We buy tracts so that we can give them out ourselves distribute them to churches or individuals who wish to do so as well.
Now including our new version of the $10 tracts, all of our other tracts have a place for your church or organization to place their own stamp.

-Make It Clear Ministries also supports the "Earl H. Merritt Memorial Scholarship." This scholarship is for students who are entering the ministry.

-Make It Clear must also pay for our website and radio broadcasts. There are very few places that allow ministries to broadcast their message for free. If you would like more information about where Make It Clear can be heard, please check our our Radio Page

When you make a donation to us, you can tell us where you would like the money to go to. We can put the money towards tracts, radio broadcasts, novelty items (pens, round tuits, hats, shirts...), equipment for the ministry, or to the Earl H. Merritt Memorial Scholarship.

If you have benefited from our broadcasts, please write and let us know.

* Make It Clear Ministries is a listener supported ministry*

If you have any further comments or questions? Feel free to e-mail Brother Hugh.

E-mail us

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