Spiritual Gifts
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Spiritual Gifts

Discovering your spiritual gifts

What are your spiritual gifts? If you would like to take a simple test (This is one that you can't fail),you can discover your gifts. When you know your gifts, you will be able to serve the Lord better. Remember to answer each question as honestly as you can. You don't need to show the results to anyone. This is between you and God. So get out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and let's see what your gifts are.

Instructions: For each question, enter the number that most applies to you.
#3= That's me
#2=This is probably me
#1=Definately not me!

1. I try to think more about the needs of others than my own.
2. People come to me when they need to talk out a problem.
3. I have given money to those in need.
4. I don't mind being seen with people who aren't that popular.
5. When I see needy people on cold nights, I really feel like inviting them to my home.
6. On Friday nights, I am usually the one who decides where we go and what we do.
7. I like to invite my friends to church.
8. I have confidence that God will get me through both good and bad times.
9. I like doing jobs that most people don't want to do.
10. I am known for my positive attitide.
11. I get a real kick out of giving stuff away.
12. I would like to work with disabled people.
13. I like having friends stay overnight at my house.
14. I like to organize and motivate groups of people.
15. I can sometimes make discussions relate to God.
16. I believe that God can do things that seem impossible.
17. I have helped other people so their work was easier.
18. I like to help sad people feel better.
19. I try to be smart with my money so that I can give extra money to the people who need it.
20. I feel sympathetic toward the needy.
21. I like having guests in my home.
22. I have encouraged others to get better grades.
23. I would like to help someone else become a Christian.
24. I have confidence that God will keep His promises even when things are bad.
25. I don't mind doing little jobs that other people don't consider important.
26. I can encourage others through what I say.
27. I know that God will meet my needs, so I want to give freely to others.
28. If a friend is sick, I call to see how he or she is doing.
29. I like having company come to my house.
30. I would like to help people who are homeless.
31. I would like to tell others that Jesus is the Saviour and help them see the positive results.
32. I trust that I can call on God and know that He will be there when "impossible" situations happen.
33. Sometimes when I do jobs, nobody notices, but I don't mind.
34. I like it when people are happier after I have talked to them.
35. I have given away money or belongings to those in need.
36. When I see a homeless person, I really want to help.
37. My friends come over to my house because they feel comfortable there.
38. When I'm in a group, sometimes people look to me to take charge.
39. I take any opportunity I can to tell people about Christ.
40. When everything looks bad, I can still trust God.

Now for the next step, lets go on to see how your responses add up.

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