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Make it Clear started it's radio ministry with the first broadcast being aired on December 11, 1991. We no longer have a radio broadcast each week. Now you can listen to our archived radio broadcasts online. Check out the links below. We invite you to listen to Brother Hugh and Brother David as they take the Word of God and try to make it clear so that everyone can hear, understand, and believe it.

You can now listen to the New Make It Clear Minute broadcasts.
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Sermons by
Brother Hugh


Eternal Life

Living a Christian Life


Judgement Day for the Christian

Why Christians Should Study Bible Doctrine

Why Christians Have Hardships

Spiritual Counterfits

Why Christians Should Give

Consequences For a Christians When He Sins

Sermons by
Brother David

None Like Them

Baptist Distinctives



What Can I Do?

One Minute Messages

How Much Time Do You Waste?

100 Years From Now

The Reasons of Moses


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We also seek to help Christians have a closer walk with God through learning about Him and His will for their lives.