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Welcome to our page about how to become a Christian and know that you have everlasting life. On this page we hope to give you a good, simple, clear gospel and answer any questions that you may have about how to go to Heaven. We also have on this page what you need to do after you become a Christian so that you can please God and live the right kind of life.

To start out with, here is the gospel. This is what it takes to go to Heaven when you die.

First of all you must understand that God loves us but He hates our sin because it separates us from Him. Every person in this world is a sinner.The Bible says,

"All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)

Heaven is a perfect place, so in order to get there you must be perfect. (Revelation 21:27) God knew that we could never be perfect to get into Heaven so He came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ to pay for our sins by dying in our place. God tells us,

"The wages (what you earn) of sin is death (separation from God in Hell for eternity) but the GIFT of God is ETERNAL LIFE through JESUS CHRIST our Lord." (Romans 6:23)

Religions teach us that in order to get to Heaven you must work your way. If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, and if you do certain things, or if you give up doing things that aren't good then God will let you into Heaven. These things would be called "works of righteousness." But the Bible says,

"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us." (Titus 3:5) See also Ephesians 2:8 & 9, Romans 4:5, Romans 5:1

God said that if you BELIEVE that Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, died on the cross to pay for ALL of your sins, that you have eternal life, but if you reject Christ you face an eternity in Hell. The Greek word for believe means to put your trust in, to rely upon or to depend upon.

"He that BELIEVETH on the Son hath (right now) everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him." (John 3:36)

Won't you please accept Him as your Saviour, then you can know that you're going to Heaven. "These things have I written unto you that BELIEVE on the name of the Son of God; that you may KNOW that you have eternal life." (1 John 5:13)

Here is a sample prayer you may want to repeat. This is just an example for someone who may not know exactly what to say. You can say this prayer or just put the prayer in your own words.

Dear Lord,
I know I am a sinner, and that there is no way that I can get myslef into heaven. I know that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and I am accepting the payment that He made for me. Please forgive me of my sins and allow me to live with you in Heaven someday. God, I thank you for forgiving me of my sins. Please help me to serve you in my daily life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

When you accept Christ as your Saviour, the Bible tells us that we become children of God (John 1:12). As God's child He will always love you. As your Father He will punish you when you do things wrong just like our earthly parents will punish us when we do things wrong as we are growing up. No matter what you do however your punishment will never be sending you to Hell. You will go to Heaven when you die. Does this mean that you can live your life as you please because you are guaranteed a home in Heaven. No, you could try to live against God's will but you won't be happy. There is no one happier than a Christian doing God's will and there is no one more miserable than a Christian doing things he knows God doesn't like.

What Should you do after you accept Christ as your Savior?

The Bible tells us that you should make a public profession of your faith. This means to tell others what God has done for you. Share the good news with others. Tell your friends, family and anyone else who you think would be glad to hear what God has done for you. Tell others that you think need to hear this good news. A great place to make a public profession of your faith is in a Bible believing church. This has no part in your salvation but it is something that pleases God.

You should also be baptised. baptism has no part of your salvation but is a public profession of what has happened in your life. It is your first act of obedience after you become a Christian. Baptism is simply a public demonstration of what God has done for you. Baptism is a public declaration of a person's identification with Christ. It symbolizes your identification with His death, burial, and resurrection.

You should join and get involved in a good gospel preaching, Bible believing church. This will do several things for you. You will be able to hear God's word and how to apply it to your life. You will have a support group of other Christians that will be there when you need assistance or need prayer for things that will happen in your life. You will be able to worship God and thank Him for what He has done for you. You will have a place to bring people who need Christ in their lives. If you are going to a good church, they will give the gospel at every service. Here is a link to our page about What makes a good church'

You should start reading your Bible every day. I reccomend the King James Version of the Bible. It is the best Bible out there for many reasons. Most of the newer translations of the Bible have been courrepted and have many errors in them that most people don't even think about. I would suggest that you begin with the gospel of John.

You should pray to God at least once a day. My wife and I pray together every morning and every night before we go to sleep. We also have many mini prayers during the day as we have time and think of things. These mini prayers are not with each other as the morning and evening prayers are. These mini prayers are just prayers that we say to God as time and circumstances permit.

Prayer is how we talk to God. Going to church and reading the Bible are how God talks to us. Our relationship with God shouldn't be one sided. You need to talk to God and God needs to talk to you. Learn to listen to God. It will really help you in your daily walk with God.

Remember this. If you have truely put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as your Saviour there will be a change in your heart and life. You will no longer enjoy the sin that you couldn't wait for in the past. You will see sin for what it is. If you enjoy sin and if you have no regrets for the things you do wrong you need to talk to a good Pastor or a dedicated soul winning Christian that can help you to find out why.

Questions you may have about salvation.

Here are some questions that people have asked me about salvation in the past. I hope that this helps to answer any questions that you may have.

Brother Hugh


How dose baptism fit into the plan of salvation?

What does the Bible mean when it says to believe?

Would you please explain what the word repent means?

Once you're saved, can you ever lose your salvation, and how?

Example-What is a saviour?

The omelet - Are good works enough?

The sinner's prayer gives a false hope

How dose baptism fit into the plan of salvation?

How does baptism fit into Gods plan of salvation for us? I have heard that you must be baptised to be saved and I have heard others say thay it is not nessessary for salvation. Can you help me out?

I have recieved quite a few questions about baptism lately so I have devoted an entire page to answer the question. Baptism is something that we do after we are saved from our sins. It can not help to save you or wash away your sins. Click here for my page. baptism


What does the bible mean when it says to believe?

The word believe is the Greek word pisteu which means to put your trust in, to rely upon, or to depend upon. When you believe in Jesus Christ, you are depending on what He has done to take you to Heaven, not on whatever things you have or will do to help you gain favor in Gods eyes.


Would you please explain what the word repent means?

If you ask most people what the word "Repent" means they will tell you that it means to turn from your sins. This is not what the Bible means with the word repent. The word for repent in the Bible means to change your mind or to to think differently. The Greek word is the word, metanoeo (met-an-o-eh'-o).

Very often, before a person becomes a Christian, they will think "I am not such a bad person", or "It's only a little sin." But, when a person hears the gospel, he realizes that God hates ALL sin no matter how big or small it may be. It only takes one small sin (such as a little white lie) to keep a person out of Heaven and send them to an eternity in Hell (Revelation 21:27).

You will also realize that all of your good works can't cancel out your bad works that you have done. When a person understands this, he repents (changes his mind about sin). Now, the next step is to accept God's way to Heaven.

The Bible tells us that we must accept the payment that Jesus Christ made on the cross for our sins. When we accept Christ's payment, we then come to depend upon Jesus to take us to Heaven. We cannot get ourselves to Heaven on our own good works. God will give us eternal life only through our accepting Jesus and depending upon him. At this point, you are Born into God's family or "Born Again."

In Ephesians 2:8-9, the Bible tells us "For by grace are ye saved through faith that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God: Not of works lest any man should boast."

God will not have our good works enter into our salvation so that we cannot boast about it in Heaven. God offers us eternal life as a free gift, but we must all decide whether we will accept His GIFT to us or reject it. In Isaiah 64:6, God tells us that our righteousness (the very best we have to offer God) are as filthy rags in God's sight. So, we must get to Heaven God's way or we CAN'T GO TO HEAVEN AT ALL. Jesus said in John 3:7, "Ye must be born again."

A person who preaches that we must "repent of our sins" must be very careful that he is not preaching works for salvation. We are never told in the Bible to repent of our sins. When you accept Christ as your Saviour, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit of God comes and lives within us. Since the word repent means to change your mind, you will automatically "repent" without even realizing it because you will have the Holy Spirit guiding your life and letting you know when things are wrong.

Many people try in their own power to turn from their sins. The way it works is to put your trust in Jesus Christ and the payment He made on the cross. Only then will you have the power of God within you to make it possible to overcome sin.

We can look at the lives of two different men in the gospels that betrayed christ and then afterwards repented. Judas Iscariot turned Jesus over to the authorities. He repented but didn't put his trust in Christ. He felt so bad about what he had done that he went out and hanged himself. Peter denied he even knew Jesus 3 times. He repented and truely put his trust in christ and became one of the greatest preachers of his day. The difference between these two men is what they did with their repentence.

Only God can truely know if a person has accepted Christ as their Saviour or not. This is because only God can see into a man's heart. So how do we know if a person has truely repented in the Biblical sense of the word? We can only look at the fruit of their lives. The Bible says that by their fruit you will know them. If a person is changed, it will show up in their lives. If they only repeated a prayer they heard or read, they won't have a change in their lives that you can see. For a person to change his mind, it must come from within the person. But that change will be seen on the outside in everything they do.


Once you're saved, can you ever lose your salvation, and how?

You ask a very important question that many people wonder about. The Bible is clear that once a person becomes a Christian, they can not lose their salvation. Does this mean that a person can simply live as they please and not worry about changing their lives or being punished for sin? No!! A person can lose their fellowship with God but never their position as a child of God.

The Bible tells us that when we accept Christ as our Savior, we become the children of God (John 1:12). After you become His child, He deals with us as we would with our own children. When we disobey Him, He will punish us as we do our children (Hebrews 12:5-11). God knows what it will take to punish us to get our attention and just how much punishment that we need.

The difference between Christianity and any other religions of the world is that religions teach us that we must work our way to Heaven (I don't really even like to call Christianity a religion). A work is anything that we must do or give up in order to win favor with God so that He will let us into Heaven. The Bible teaches us that God did it all by sending His Son, Jesus Christ come to this earth and live among us as one of us. He lived a perfect sinless life while on this earth. That is the reason that He could take the sins of the whole world and make a payment for them all on the cross.

Works have no part in it (Ephesians 2:8,9 & Titus 3:5,6). Christianity is the only religion in the world that tells us that we can KNOW that we have everlasting life (I John 5:13). If it were possible to lose your salvation, you could never know that you have everlasting life because you would always be in danger of losing it. In fact, in Hebrews 6:4-6 the Bible tells us that if it even were possible for a Christian to lose their salvation, they could never get it back again because Christ would have to die on the cross a second time which of course will never happen.

When God does something, He does it right the first time. Jesus paid for all of your sins. This means that your past, present, and future sins have already been paid for by His death on the cross. Remember that when Christ died on the cross, you had not committed a single sin yet, but your sins were paid for at that time. In John 6:47 we read He that believeth on me hath (This means right now) everlasting life. Everlasting life is not something to look forward to, it is something that we as Christians have right now according to this verse. If we could loose it, it wouldn't be everlasting life. It would only be life until we displeased God.

Many people try to keep Gods law to get or keep themselves saved. Galatians 5:4 tells us that if we try to keep the law to either get or stay saved, we are fallen from grace. Galatians is a good book to read. It was written because there were some people that thought after you got saved, you must keep the law to stay saved. Paul tells us that you can not do anything to keep your self saved. I hope that this has helped to answer your question. If you still have any questions, please let me know


Example-What is a saviour?

We call Jesus our Saviour. Here is an example of what a saviour is.

Let's suppose that you are 10 miles from shore and your boat sinks and you can't swim. Along comes another boat as you cry out for help. - What is a Saviour?
Let's say that the man in the boat throws out a book for you entitled "How to Swim". Would you call this man a saviour? I don't think so. You may have a few other names for the fellow with your last breath, but I doubt that it would be saviour.
Now let's say that he gets out of the boat and shows you different methods of swimming. He shows you the dog paddle, the backstroke ,and a few other things. Is this person a saviour? NO! You might call him an example at best.
How about if he throws you a life preserver, pulls you into his boat, gives you a blanket, some hot chocolate and takes you about a mile from shore and throws you back into the water so that he may continue on his way. Is he a saviour? NO! Maybe an indian giver. He really didn't save you because you will still drown one mile from shore just as quickly as you will ten miles from shore.
None of these examples are of a saviour. A saviour is one that gets you out of the water into his boat and takes you all the way to shore.
Jesus did not just give us a book with instructions in it, He was not just an example for us to follow, He does not take us part way to Heaven and then cast us back out again. When Jesus saves us, He stays with us through this life and takes us all the way and sets us on Heavens shore. That's what happens when you accept Jesus as your saviour. He has stated that He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and He will not cast us out (John 6:37).


The omelet - Are good works enough?

You often hear people say, "I am not that bad of a person, I think that God will let me into Heaven when I die. After all, He knows that I am doing my best."
Here is a little illustration that will help to explain why you can not get to Heaven on your own righteousness. Let's suppose that you are at my house one morning when I am cooking breakfast and I offer to make you an omelet. As I am cooking this omelet which call for 3 eggs in the recipe, I realize that I only have 2 eggs in my refrigerator. Just then I remember that an egg rolled under the refrigerator last month. I reach under and dust it off and continue cooking the omelet adding onion, cheese, and other ingredients to it. Now you know about the egg that I found and added to the meal, so when I bring it to you, you refuse to eat it. I try to convince you that most of it is very good, it only has that one bad egg after all and that shouldn't affect how good that the omelet actually is.
This is what many people try to do with God. They think, yes I have done some things in my life that I shouldn't have done, but I am basically a good person. They try to convince God to let them into Heaven with a less than perfect life. The Bible says that we can't get into Heaven with our own righteousness, but that if we accept Christ as our Saviour that God will give us His righteousness. With the righteousness of God we can then go to Heaven when we die.


The sinner's prayer gives a false hope.

Just curious, if all I have to do is pray this prayer, what happens then? Once the prayer has been said, the person thinks they can go on and do whatever they want with no condemnation. Matthew 7:13-20 says otherwise.

Salvation doesn't come from saying words but accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour. The words on our tracts are only there to help someone who may not know what to say. The Bible tells us that when you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour that the Holy Spirit comes in and indwells you. The Holy Spirit then guides you in life. Anyone who has accepted Christ as their Saviour will want to go to church, read the Bible, and tell other people about Christ. You won't want to live the same way you used to because God will change the wants in your life. I have a section on the website about finding a good church. This is very important epically in the life of a new Christian. You cannot live as you please because the Bible tells us that God becomes our Father and will guide and possibly discipline us when we do wrong. If a person defies God, He will deal with them as He sees fit to (As any good father will deal with their child). Many people confuse God's grace. We are saved by God's grace through faith and that alone. If you will notice, Matthew 7:21-23 has people trusting in their works to help save them. This is why they are lost. In Matthew 7:13-20 we see that there are many that go down the wrong road. Pick any religion that you want to. They all have some kind of works to save them so they can go to Heaven. This is where Christianity is different from man's way to God. Man's way is of works and God's way is by grace. We can't see in a man's heart to know if they are saved or not as God can but we can look at the fruit of their lives. Do they do God's will and do they talk in a way that will please God or not. Look at their lives and see what they are depending on to take them to Heaven. Remember that false prophets teach works. Christianity is the only "religion" that tells us that we can KNOW that we are going to Heaven. It is found in I John 5:13. The word believe in that verse in the Greek means to put your trust in, to rely upon, or to depend upon. When we accept Christ as our Saviour we are trusting Him to save us, not anything we can do. That is the difference between true Christianity and religion. I hope that this answers your questions.


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