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Digit-Letter System

This system is by far the hardest to learn and master. However the rewards far exceed the other systems of memory. With this system you can memorize the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You can also take this system and apply it to other parts of your life. Depending what you want to do with it, you could memorize all of your credit card numbers, all of the telephone numbers of your friends and relatives, memorize your favorite novel from cover to cover (Have someone open it up and read a couple of sentences to you and you will be able to tell them what page they are on and what the rest of the page has to say). You could read a magazine and then tell people what is on each page of it after you get through. It is up to you. We will of course be concentrating on Bible memorization here.

The way that this system works is that each consonant in the alphabet is given a number value. The vowels and the word "why" are not given a number value but are used as fillers in words that will be used as your mental pegs to draw from. Once you learn the values for each letter (which we will help you with by association) you will be amazed at what you can learn.

This system will take a little more work to master but it will be well worth the trouble.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Remember that A, E, I, O, U, & W, H, Y have no numeral value to them. These will be used as fillers. The consonants are grouped together by their sounds. A hard c and k sound alike. A hard g, q, and x sound are grouped together with the c because they have a similar sound (We will also be putting ng in with this group). This is how it was done with all of the letters.

The first thing that you need to do is to memorize which letters are represented by which numbers. We will do this by a little rhyme. The letter B is represented by the number 1 so we need some way to associate B with 1. Here is how the rhyme works. The word Bun starts with a B and rhymes with 1. To remember the association, say to yourself one,bun. Here is the list to get you started.

One, Bun
Two, Cue
Three, D
Four, floor
Five, Jive
Six, Licks
Seven, Meven
Eight, Nates
Nine, Rhyne
Zero, Zero

After you memorize that, we can help youto memorize all of the numbers. Of course if you have your own method for remembering it, use it. It's whatever works best for you. Here are some things that may help you out. Let's see.

1. Picture a Bun in the shape of a Parachute.
2. Picture a Cuestick in the Ground. You Kick it and hurt your foot, so you go to a Quack to get an X-ray and look at it when he haNGs it up to see it.
3. Go to a 3-D Theather and buy a Ticket.
4. The Floors in Phenox are rouGH because of the Volcano.
5. See the Gypsy Jiving (means to talk funny - without making a lot of sense) on a SHip eating CHeese.
6. Licks
7. Mevin
8. Nates
9. Ryne
0. Put a thermometer in the Sea. It measures Zero in Centigrade.

Learning what letters represent which numbers is the hard part. After you do that, the fun will begin. Here is how the system works. We will use the Gospel of John as an example. The Gospel of John is probrably the first book of the Bible that a Christian should read and become famaliar with. I would recemond that it is the first book that you try to memorize. How much you memorize it will depend on just how much you want to. You can stop with the main thought (or story) for each chapter of the Bible or go on to memorize it word for word. Realize that the more details you want to learn the more time it will take to memorize it.

The Gospel of John is the forth book of the New Testament. We want a peg that will tell us about the first chapter of John. The peg for John chapter 1 is VIP. If you look at the chart (or better yet, if you have it memorized) you will notice that V represents the number 4. I is a filler in this peg and is only there to help the peg make sense. P represents the number 1. So V(4) I P(1) stands for the forth book of the New Testament and the first chapter. Right away we know that this peg tells us there is a VIP in chapter 1. If you look in John chapter one you will see that it says "In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God". It goes on to tell us that this word made ALL things and that through Him is life (Life on this earth and eternal life). It tells us that the Word is Jesus. Jesus is the VIP that John chapter 1 tells us about.

The peg for chapter 2 is "SAVE GOOD WINE". Save comes out to the number 04 which tells you that it is John. Good comes out to 23. There are several thngs to remember here. First of all John doesn't have 23 chapters so you will know right there that this stands for John chapter 2. After you are a little more famaliar with this, you will automatically stop at the letter G, knowing that it stands for John 2. The rest of the peg helps you to understand what the chapter is about. The chapter is about the "marriage at Cana". If you will remember, Jesus and others were invited to a marriage in Cana. After a while they ran out of wine to serve the guests. Jesus took ordinary water and turned itinto the best wine that they had ever tasted. The govenor of the feast complimented the bridegroom saying that most people serve good wine at the beginning of the feast, then after everyone is drunk and can't tell the difference or don't care they serve the cheep stuff. But You have "saved the good wine for now".

The peg for chapter 3 is "HAVE ETERNAL LIFE". In chapter 3 we have Nicodemus comming to Jesus at night to talk to Him and ask Him many questions. Jesus tells him how that he can have eternal life (John 3:15-18). The word have comes out to 4 and the word eternal tells you that it is chapter 3. So you now know that John chapter 3 is about the conversation that Jesus had with Nicodemus.

The peg for chapter 4 is FIVE HUSBANDS. In chapter 4 Jesus meets and talks with the woman at the well (The woman of Samaria). He tells her many things about her including that she has had five husbands and is now living with a man that she is not married to.

I think that you should be getting the hang of this by now so here are the pegs for the book of John.

  1. V.I.P
  2. Save good Wine
  3. Have eternal life
  4. Five husbands
  5. Heavy jew
  6. Filled
  7. Fame
  8. Finger
  9. Fear
  10. Safe Pasture
  11. V.I.P. weeps
  12. Foe bag
  13. Foe betrays
  14. V.I.P. father
  15. V.I.P. chosen
  16. Have believed
  17. V.I.P. may be one
  18. Foe band
  19. V.I.P. robe
  20. Fog - sepulchre
  21. Fog - Peter

Now if you want to (I did), you can make up a little story to help you to remember the pegs. Try this to get you started. The VIP will save good wine to have eternal life. There is a woman with five husbands. One of them is a heavy jew that ate too much and now is filled with fame for his finger that he can point at someone to cause fear. But there is no reason for you to be afraid because you are in safe pastures.

Is is starting to make sense to you now? I sure hope so. After you learn the pegs for the books of the Bible, you will notice that your mind will start linking chapters together in the Bible that have things in common. You will know that Matthew 28 (Becon Jesus), Luke chapter 24 (The cave), and John chapter 24 (Fog sepulcher) all talk about the day that Christ rose from the dead.

Here are the pegs for the book of John and what they stand for.

  1. V.I.P - Jesus is God, definately a VIP
  2. Save good Wine - Jesus turns the water into wine.
  3. Have eternal life - Jesus talks to Nicodemus.
  4. Five husbands - The woman at the well
  5. Heavy jew - Jesus heals the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.
  6. Filled - Jesus feeds the 5,000
  7. Fame - Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacle, everyone is talking about jesus.
  8. Finger - Jesus saves the woman accused of adultry.
  9. Fear - Jesus heals the man born blind.
  10. Safe Pasture - Jesus is the great shepherd.
  11. V.I.P. weeps - Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
  12. Foe bag - Judas (the foe) holds the money bag.
  13. Foe betrays - Judas decides to betray Jesus(v2)
  14. V.I.P. father are one - (v7-10)
  15. V.I.P. chosen - Jesus has chosen you to witness for Him.
  16. Have believed - Prayer of believers will be answered.
  17. V.I.P. may be one - Believers are one with God.(v21)
  18. Foe band - Judas takes a band of officers to arrest Jesus.
  19. V.I.P. robe - Soldiers put a robe and crown of thorns on Jesus head.
  20. Fog - sepulchre - Mary goes to the sepulcher early in the morning.
  21. Fog - Peter - Jesus appears to desciples at Sea of Galilee, questions Peter.

Keep checking with Make it Clear as I will keep adding Bible pegs to this section so that you will be able to have the entire Bible down. Remember that if you don't like a peg, change it to something that you like better. If it doesn't work for you, it isn't good. These are only suggestions to help you to get started. The New Testament has all of the pegs for it. I am working on pegs for the Old Testament. If you can come up with any other pegs for either the Old or New Testaments, please feel free to e-mail me and I will put them on this site. Click on the link below for the all of the pegs for the New Testament.

Pegs for the Old Testament

Pegs for the New Testament

Topical System

Visual Symbol System

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